Or No Deal?

A spokeswoman for Albany District Attorney said a reported proposal not to prosecute Alan Hevesi if he steps down from office “is news to us.”

Spokeswoman Rachel McEneny, speaking by cell phone on her way to the DA’s office this morning, told me “the particular procedure does not reflect our ongoing investigation,” referring to the Post article saying Hevesi hoped to avoid prosecution if he stepped down as state comptroller.

The article attributes the plan to a quote from “one of the state’s most influential Democrats.”

In case you’re wondering, that Democrat was not Hevesi, according to his spokesman.

“If we had been contacted, we could have pointed out that it’s not true,” said Hevesi’s spokesman, David Neustadt.

McEneny declined to comment on status of the current investigation other than to say “It is moving forward well. Very well.”

— Azi Paybarah

Or No Deal?