Parsons 'Not Running'


The refusal by Time Warner boss Dick Parsons to rule out a mayoral run this week turned out to have been a brilliant piece of public relations, leading to a spate of respectful media speculation and, today, to this enthusiastic editorial in the New York Post.

“Over the last five years, one media magnate-turned-politician – Michael Bloomberg – has demonstrated that a businessman can do a pretty good job running the city.

“And Parsons would, arguably, be even more qualified to be mayor than Bloomberg was in 2001.”

It ends with the standard catch phrase for all political draft movements: “Run, Dick, Run.”

But is any of it real?

This morning, in reponse to an interview request to Parson’s office, here’s what Time Warner corporate communications director Keith Cocozza told me:

“He’s not running for mayor.”

— Azi Paybarah

Parsons 'Not Running'