Pataki and the Court

Just after handing him a dramatic win, the state Court of Appeals has dealt a setback to George Pataki, dulling what could have been a key selling point for someone looking to position himself as a tough-on-crime conservative in 2008.

From the AP:

“New York’s highest court ruled Tuesday that the state _ acting under an order from Gov. George Pataki _ wrongly confined convicted sex offenders in psychiatric facilities after their prison sentences ended.”

Civil confinement was a signature (albeit late) issue for Pataki and a constant talking point for his preferred senate/attorney general candidate, Jeanine Pirro.

But the decision is not a total loss for Pataki:

“In conclusion, we understand how in an attempt to protect the community from violent sexual predators, the state proceed under the Mental Hygiene law. We do not propose that these petitioners be released, nor do we propose to trump the interest of public safety. Rather, we recognized that a need for continued hospitalization may well exist.”

— Azi Paybarah

Pataki and the Court