Rate My Professor! Renata Adler: ‘Hot for goin on 70’

What happens when a titan of journalism moves into classes at Boston University and things get real?

According to the Rate My Professors.com entries over the last two years on former New Yorker writer and Ken Starr scourge Renata Adler:

How many profs have wikipedia entries longer than most congressmen’s? […] Tells great stories, assigns great lit. Hot for goin on 70
By far the most interesting professor I’ve ever had. Today she told us that a scene from Woody Allen’s “Manhatten” is taken from a conversation she had with Woody. That’s crazy!
Renata Adler is a super cool person- so intelligent and interesting and crazy, but she’s also an awful teacher. But, her antecdotes about working at the New Yorker and The New York Times (plus the A’s she gave everyone in the class) was well worth my time
Totally skatterbrained, never stays on topic, i did no work at all for this class, class is a 80 min free association.
Rate My Professor! Renata Adler: ‘Hot for goin on 70’