Replacing Yvette

The city’s newest congresswoman, Yvette Clarke, will get sworn into office next year, but the jockeying for her city council seat is well underway.

According to the encyclopedic Jerry Skurnik and a City Council source, the Mayor will call the special election within 3 days of the vacancy occurring (January 1). Then, the election is held within 30 or 60 days.

There are no run-offs, and it’s a non-partisan race. Candidates have 10 days to petition and they follow rules as if they are creating your own party.

The race could have as many as six or seven candidates, some of whom I mentioned here.

Yesterday, two more candidates emerged. Jesse Hamilton and Zenobia McNally spoke to the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats club where one attendee asked them about the Atlantic Yards [corrected].

According to Daily Gotham, when Hamilton was “asked about Atlantic Yards he gave a somewhat vague answer,” and “Zenobia did seem too wary of directly criticizing Ratner’s plan.”

— Azi Paybarah

Replacing Yvette