Restaurateur Risk Management 101: Beware Of Wet Bar

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A new Saturday night promotion at Calico Jack’s Cantina called “Salty Saturdays,” featuring beer pong and a $250 “Shake it Like Shakira Contest,” “has been getting a great response,” according to the Midtown bar’s own Web site.

But not entirely great. Contestant Megan Zacker’s response, for instance, has come in the form of court papers.

She’s suing, according to the Associated Press, after falling off Calico Jack’s slippery bar whilst trying to show that her “Hips Don’t Lie,” suffering a torn knee ligament that required surgery.

Calico Jack’s was “negligent, reckless and careless” in “permitting the bar area to become and remain wet and otherwise in an unsafe condition, and by failing to warn customers of the hazards presented,” court papers say.

Calico Jack’s, naturally, declined comment.

But here’s a thought: Next time, guys, don’t forget to pass out those “Sign it Like Our Lawyer Likes It” liability waivers.

– Chris Shott Restaurateur Risk Management 101: Beware Of Wet Bar