Rollins Likes Him

On many levels, the apparently imminent selection of Joseph Mondello to run the state Republican Party is a real head-scratcher. He’s the guy, after all, who oversaw the demise of the Nassau GOP that both foreshadowed and contributed to the collapse of its state counterpart.

The best, most obvious explanation for his ascent is that he’s taking a job that, for now, no one else wants.

But outspoken GOP strategist Ed Rollins, at least, is happy with the choice. “As a party boss,” he said, “there’s nobody better.”

Rollins made the unlikely argument that Mondello is, at this point, enough of an outsider to tackle an organization that needs a complete overhaul. “The role is different when you don’t have any state offices…He’s got to build a totally independent fund-raising organization,” and build the party “from the grassroots.”

Solid logic? Or wishful thinking?

— Azi Paybarah

Rollins Likes Him