Rudy at 90 Percent

Steve Malanga, senior fellow at Giuliani’s preferred think tank, the Manhattan Institute, thinks that Rudy Giuliani’s formation of a exploratory committee for president was as good as an official declaration. Almost.

“Having talked to some of the people in Rudy’s administration, I think they give it up to 90 percent chance that he will run,” said Malanga. “The odds seem to be in favor of it.”

Malanga, along with a number of other Giuliani observers I’ve been talking to, said that the GOP setbacks in Tuesday’s midterm elections only make his candidacy more likely.

“The election, to a certain extent, makes a candidate like Rudy more interesting in 2008. The far right, the Christian right, is likely to have less influence in the next election within the party. Moderates are going to be looking for a candidate with broader appeal.

“He is one of the people with a national appeal that fits that model. That helps with the typical criticism that he won’t make it through the primary.”

–Jason Horowitz

Rudy at 90 Percent