Shrum and Mahoney on Hillary

Do the Republicans really want to run against Hillary Clinton in 2008?

Bob Shrum thinks not. Here’s what he told an audience of NYU graduate school students at a panel discussion last night:

“By the way, the Republican Party will do everything they can, if they want to run against her like they say they do, not to damage her between now and the time the nominating process begins.”

Republican consultant and fellow panelist Kieran Mahoney, whose business partner is working on John McCain’s campaign, still says the GOP would welcome her with open arms.

“Hillary Clinton’s perceived ideology is more liberal than Mario Cuomo’s, more liberal than Bella Abzug’s in statewide surveys,” he said. “I just think you can’t sell that you can sell that in Ohio. I don’t think I can sell that in Ohio.”

Shrum’s response:

“You’ve just seen a preview of the McCain candidacy played out in the course of a couple hours. ‘I’m a centrist. I’m in the mainstream. Hillary’s extreme. Vote for me.'”

— Azi Paybarah

Shrum and Mahoney on Hillary