Spitzer and the Hevesi Reforms

When Eliot Spitzer meets with good government groups today around 3:30 today in Albany, they’ll discuss redistricting, campaign finance reform and ethics reform. And Alan Hevesi.

Spitzer, of course, has expressed a preference for putting off a firm decision on what to do about the Hevesi controversy until January.

But one of the good government group advocates meeting with Spitzer later today, Rachel Leon of Common Cause, said Hevesi will likely be a point of today’s discussion.

The report on Hevesi by an independent investigator “pointed out the failing of our current system,” Leon told me. “They couldn’t enforce what they found.” One of the advocates’ goals is to have an independent ethics agency which can “not just make decisions and refer to someone else,” but enforce what they find.

The impasse over what to do with Hevesi “is the motivation we need to change what we have,” she said.

— Azi Paybarah

Spitzer and the Hevesi Reforms