Spitzer's Aim

Eliot Spitzer seemed to have made it clear that his self-imposed reform package – not attending fund-raisers in Albany and capping contributions at $10,000, among other things – is intended to have the effect of politely shaming other lawmakers in Albany into following his example.

Here’s what he said earlier today:

“What we are doing is trying to change the paradigm, and by changing the paradigm and leading by example and saying to the legislature, this is the way we believe state government should function.”

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has already balked at the idea, and Sheldon Silver, as far as I can tell, is still formulating his reponse.

But Democratic consultant Evan Stavisky has an alternative take: that the proposals are intended chiefly to serve as a contrast with the practices of George Pataki, rather than as any implicit rebuke of Silver and the rank-and-file lawmakers who Spitzer actually has to work with.

“Some of the issues in there are unique to the executive branch. Its not directed at Shelly Silver. It’s directed at George Pataki, who found new and innovative ways to enrich his cronies.

“The state legislature has been dysfunctional, but the Pataki administration has been disgraceful.”

— Azi Paybarah Spitzer's Aim