Target of Opportunity

Today, Mayor Bloomberg followed Eliot Spitzer’s lead by criticizing the state Board of Elections for not certifying electronic voting machines in time for the 2007 elections.

In a statement, Bloomberg said:

“This is a failure of the State Board of Elections, which is a study in inertia and accountable only to the leaders of the two major political parties, not to the people. But blame also rests with our state elected officials, who only last year passed legislation implementing the 2002 Help America Vote Act – the last state in the nation to do so.”

For now, this is all academic, since virtually nobody is running for office here in 2007. I presume the thinking is that it’s a lot better to go on the record blaming the Board of Elections now that to have this erupt in 2008, when a number of New Yorkers could be on the ballot for national office.

Update: The state Board of Elections response to Bloomberg: “New York will take the time to carefully examine all available voting systems…”

— Azi Paybarah Target of Opportunity