The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

Trump Waikiki [Luxist]

  • We proudly present the topics of Resident‘s new guide to “Manhattan Apartment Interior Design” (aka 1973 decor for rich people): The Living/”Screening” Room, The New Wood Floor (“laminate”!), Living With ‘The Valuables,’ (sofas as art), Bye-Bye Bathtub, New Granite Counter, Apartments Go Green, Recessed Lighting, Space-Saving Innovations, Closet Pros, and Open Floor Plans. [Resident]
  • An Australian hit up Brooklyn, and hilarity ensued! The Aussie’s outer-borough expose even includes a gorgeous description of taxi drivers: “I listen to Victor abstractedly while staring across the East River.” And there’s Pure Brooklyn Truth: “still a haven for authors, although rising property costs and rents mean it’s unlikely to attract struggling ones. Jonathan Safran Foer and his wife Nicole Krauss paid more than $US6million for their pile in neighbouring Park Slope.” [The Australian, via DUMBO NYC]
  • The end of the world is coming, and the 19th sign is that Donald Trump has sold all 460 units at his Hawaiian hotel-condo (Trodominium?). Apparently $700 million sets a record for the amount of residential property “sold in one development on a single day.” Good job, killa. [Int’l Herald Tribune, via Luxist]
  • Afternoon Wrap super mega exclusive! The greatest news of the week is obviously the fresh announcement that Herald Square brokerage Mosaic Properties will stay open “for 24 straight hours, and the following business day, to help desperate renters and buyers find a place to call home before the first of December.” If only every day were Nov. 28, Manhattan real estate would be way more awesome. (See PR release after the jump.)

    – Max Abelson

    Attention Desperate Houseseekers: Mosaic Properties To Offer Emergency 24-Hour Brokerage Services

    New York, NY (November 13, 2006) – Amidst the most challenging rental market in years, Mosaic Properties, a full-service brokerage company located in Herald Square, will stay open for 24 straight hours, and the following business day, to help desperate renters and buyers find a place to call home before the first of December.

    Mosaic Properties’ brokers will be available to meet with new clients and show apartments from 9 AM on Tuesday, November 28th to 7 PM on Wednesday, November 29th. Landlords looking to fill vacancies are also invited to attend.

    Walk-ins are welcome for broker consultations. Apartment visits can be scheduled in advance by calling 212-967-0500.

    About Mosaic Properties:
    Mosaic Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage company that caters to young and urban clientele. As the exclusive agent to some of the area’s most prestigious properties and clients, Mosaic Properties has insider access to some of New York’s most coveted apartments. The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday