The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

The New New Jersey [Luxist]

  • If you don’t like the hefty plans for Atlantic Yards, you probably don’t like eminent domain. And if you live in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon or South Carolina, you voted yesterday to limit it. (Too bad Brooklyn isn’t in Georgia.) [CNN/Money]
  • Will the Dems’ victory boost real estate prices? Jonathan Miller muses: “In terms of the housing market, a Congress without the same party controlling both chambers is probably a good thing…” [Matrix]
  • Suburban New Jersey vulgarity is very hot right now. For $13.5 million, you can buy yourself a new palace with new marble and new gold leaf and new “heavy chandeliers.” [Luxist]
  • How do you lure brokers to the bottom of Soho? Promise them BMWs. [Curbed]
  • – Max Abelson The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday