The Case Against Shelly

In City Journal, Nicole Gelinas makes the argument that Eliot Spitzer should at least try to oust Sheldon Spitzer as Speaker of the Assembly. Basically, Spitzer has argued for such changes when dealing with Wall Street.

“One way that Spitzer could show that he has both the power and the will to achieve real reform in Albany would be to use his mandate to get the assembly to install a new leader open to such reform….Further, in certain circumstances, Spitzer has insisted that the CEO of a company he was investigating step down before he would negotiate with that company. As he said in 2004 of then-boss Jeffrey Greenberg at insurance broker Marsh & McLennan, which he was investigating, “[Greenberg’s] is not a leadership I will talk with. It is not a leadership I will negotiate with.”


“If he tries to strip Silver of his leadership and publicly fails, he’d enter the governor’s office in January already weakened. On the other hand, if he doesn’t try to oust Silver, Silver might suspect that it was because Spitzer knew he couldn’t succeed.”

— Azi Paybarah

The Case Against Shelly