The coolest D.J. in cyberspace

Not long ago, Very Short List highlighted one of the most intriguing new artists of the year, 21-year-old British pop singer Lily Allen. Her debut CD, a huge hit in the U.K., finally has a U.S. release date (January 30) — but until then we’re enjoying her talents as a mixmaster online.

Her terrific mixtapes — two series of streaming-audio song cycles that run about 50 minutes each — segue from her own music into a seamless range of artists including Ludacris, Wu-Tang Clan, 50 Cent, and Vanessa Paradis.

They serve as perfect samplers of perfect dosages of these artists, and Allen’s added value — witty juxtapositions, a D.J.’s feel for tempo, even some yodeling — makes these tours through her influences infectious.

Allen’s own music is mostly ska-inflected pop overlaid with her cranky Girl Power lyrics about awful ex-boyfriends and such. When she finally hits in the U.S. next year, she’ll be a great antidote to both the bad-boy bombast and the treacly love songs that continue to dominate radio. We can’t wait.

“>HEAR Mixtape One and Mixtape Two — click on tracks #6 and #7 in the embedded music player in the upper right-hand corner of Lily Allen’s homepage (please note that some of the lyrics may not be workplace-friendly)

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