The Fab Five

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Here’s a palm card the state Democratic Party printed up, presumably before the Hevesi chauffeur incident turned into a full-blown feeding frenzy.

I’m not sure how widely it’ll be distributed, but one political operative in City Hall said, “They got to hand it out. Hevei’s got to win so they can replace him.”

There’s one more piece of lit after the jump.

Update: Here is <a href="that flier from the AFL-CIO, one of the union’s backing Hevesi, which Fred Dicker noted shows every Democrat running for statewide office, except Hevesi. A spokesman for the union explained it was printed during the primaries and Hevesi didn’t have a Democratic opponent. So, instead of throwing them away, spokesman Mario Cilento said, they were still being handed out. New ones featuring Hevesi are being sent out, he said.

–Azi Paybarah

Hevesi-and all-2.JPG The Fab Five