The Finale: Spitzer’s Speech

Eliot Spitzer was the last to speak here tonight, and it was his speech that made the greatest reach towards grandeur.

“Today was not a victory of one candidate or one Party but of all those irrepressible optimists who have dreamed of a resurgent New York,” said Spitzer, who vowed to work to make New York “once again the greatest state in the nation.”

He stepped back from the podium to kiss his wife. He marveled at his parents’ 61-year marriage. (“As they say on my favorite TV show, ‘Booyah.'”) And he quoted Alexander Hamilton and Walt Whitman.

He built up to a crescendo, noting that his oft-stated conviction that everything changes on Day one was “now the promise of a governor” and added, “I will never break faith with those who have invested their hopes and dream on this great state.”

With that, the entire Democratic ticket (minus Alan Hevesi) climbed on stage, raised their arms and clapped to Start Me Up. And the rank-and-filers headed for the exits.

–Jason Horowitz

The Finale: Spitzer’s Speech