The Governors, Alan Hevesi, Feelings


The chatter among the sleep-deprived, giddy reporters at the George Pataki’s midtown office was about whether today actually counts as Day 1 of Eliot Spitzer’s administration.

“Ask him!” one said.

I got there just late enough to miss the direction from Eliot Spitzer Pataki’s press person to only ask questions about the transition.

First question: “What are you going to do about Alan Hevesi?”

Spitzer deferred to George Pataki, who said the process to remove Hevesi is going forward.

“Lets go to transition please,” a gubernatorial press aide yelled out.

Spitzer said he’ll discuss it in detail tomorrow.

But before walking out, Spitzer did return to the podium to answer the “how does it feel” question.

Very good, it turns out.

— Azi Paybarah

The Governors, Alan Hevesi, Feelings