The Icy Green-Tea Taste of Competition

Modestly expansionist

Health-conscious L.A.-based frozen-yogurt purveyor Pinkberry is plotting a massive low-calorie invasion of New York.

But can a trendy Southern California upstart truly compete in a cooler Northeastern climate long dominated by the Tasti D-Lite juggernaut?

With one Manhattan location already open (7 East 32nd Street) and another three sites now under construction, Pinkberry’s local leasing reps, Robert K. Futterman & Associates, announced plans Monday to establish 15 additional so-called “GUILT FREE” venues by 2007, “in Manhattan, the Outer Boroughs, Westchester County, Long Island, Rockland County and throughout New York State,” according to a press release.

An aggressive expansion to be sure but still a far cry from the 30 sites presently under Tasti D-Lite control in Manhattan alone.

A spokesperson for “NEW YORK’S #1 FROZEN DESSERT” downplayed the potential Pinkberry threat.

“We don’t consider it any competition at all,” says Tasti D-Lite’s Gertrude E. Bakel, who likened the frosty faceoff to an “apples and oranges” comparison.

“It’s a very different product,” she says of Pinkberry. “It’s frozen yogurt, and our product is a unique frozen dessert which contains no yogurt at all.”

Among the lactose intolerant, at least, Tasti’s top-dog status remains safe.

– Chris Shott

The Icy Green-Tea Taste of Competition