The Morning Read: Monday, November 27, 2006

The incident in which police fired 50 shots and killed a groom on his wedding day was “contagious shooting.”

The mayor has better relations with minorities than during the police shooting of Amadou Diallo seven years ago.

The cops involved in the shooting had at least five years of experience on the job.

Two Council members have called on the police commissioner to resign.

Christine Quinn’s citywide speaking tour is generating buzz about a possible mayoral run.

An advocacy group wants congestion pricing in the city.

The state Assembly will make public a detailed list of pork projects it funds.

Political parties can now spend money during primaries in New York.

The head of the Executive Director of the state’s Lobbying Commission may be ousted.

Eliot Spitzer will get to fill at least two upcoming vacancies on the state’s highest court.

2008 wouldn’t be the first time Rudy Giuliani tested the presidential waters.

Al Gore told Time magazine that despite traveling by jet to promote his global warming lecture, he does live eco-friendly.

Newsweek looked at Mitt Romney’s opposition to same-sex marriage in his last days as governor of Massachusetts, and wonders if he can ride that issue into the White House.

Time magazine simply asks whether a Mormon can be president.

Jonathan Chait, writing in The New Republic, argued that “psychotic mass murderer” Saddam Hussein should be restored to power [subscription]in Iraq.

“Under his rule, Iraqis were shot, tortured, and lived in constant fear. Bringing the dictator back would sound cruel if it weren’t for the fact that all those things are also happening now, probably on a wider scale.”

And Andrew Cuomo told Page Six that he asked Louis Freeh, a Clinton foe, to be on his transition team because of his legal expertise, not because of politics.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: Monday, November 27, 2006