The Morning Read: November 15, 2006

Although Rudy Giuliani created an exploratory committee for his presidential run, “under the method he has chosen, Mr. Giuliani cannot present himself as a candidate or raise large sums of money, lest he face penalties.”

Giuliani’s current team has little national experience.

But he’s a winner, apparently, after the midterm elections.

Some wonder whether Giuliani will really run.

Yesterday’s Q poll said NY voters don’t want Mike Bloomberg to run.

Giuliani’s former aide has leapt into the trans-fat fight.

Some Republicans are not thrilled at the idea of Joseph Mondello leading the state party.

The Post editors say Eliot Spitzer’s agenda for Albany is reform, reform, reform.

Lobbyists are adjusting to the power change in congress.

Joe Lieberman is welcomed back by Democrats.

Freshman members of Congress are getting their orientation in D.C.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: November 15, 2006