The Morning Read: November 2, 2006

The Public Advocate just repaid the city four years’ worth of reimbursements for using a city employee as a chauffeur.

The Times takes a look at a loan program plagued with fraud while Andrew Cuomo was HUD secretary.

Spitzer wants to boost the level of school aid the city gets from the state. John Faso doesn’t.

Right when he took office, the State Comptroller steered a no-bid contract to a former employee who worked on his campaign.

Coop says that Faso’s focus on the Hevesi chauffeur stuff was a tactical blunder.

Christopher Callaghan said his personal investments are “not extensive.”

Cuomo said his opponent in the attorney general’s race should repay taxpayers the more than $100,000 her state-employed driver earned in overtime.

Ray Hernandez looks at Chris Shays to illustrate the challenges faced by moderate Republicans in the Northeast.

The wife of an upstate Republican congressman who had previously called 911 from their home said yesterday, “At no time did I need to be protected…”

Robert DeNiro is making automated telephone calls for Hillary Clinton.

The Staten Island Advance endorses Hillary, saying “it almost doesn’t matter who is running against her…”

A CNN poll shows Barack Obama second only to Hillary for the Democratic nomination in 2008; Rudy Giuiliani and John McCain are in a statistical dead heat.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: November 2, 2006