The Morning Read: November 21, 2006

Hillary Clinton spent heavily on her shoo-in campaign and now has about as much money left in the bank as candidates like John Kerry and Evan Bayh.

Clinton gave $1,000 to help Long Island Republican Peter King’s challenger.

The more conservatives get to know Rudy Giuliani’s record, the more they’ll like him, says John Podhoretz.

The Times wonders if the Democrats can ever win the south.

With a new Democratic majority taking over congress in January, some industries have to find new friends on Capitol Hill.

Eliot Spitzer and his aides won’t say how much money the governor-elect will steer to city schools in light of yesterday’s court decision lowering state mandated aid to city schools.

Fred Dicker reports that Governor Pataki rejected a plan to raise pay for state lawmakers in exchange for raising the cap on charter schools.

The Sun is less pessimistic about the deal’s chances.

Andrew Cuomo’s transition team comes together.

Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a $30 million plan to renovate parts of the South Bronx.

Errol Louis debunks some eminent domain figures.

Easing residency requirements on some municipal jobs raises concerns with a few city lawmakers and labor leaders.

And has a list of every poll result they gathered for the midterm election.

–Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: November 21, 2006