The Morning Read: November 6, 2006

Local Republicans say the national party didn’t help enough this year, suggesting that the seemingly pre-determined outcome tomorrow could have been different if they had.

News of Saddam Hussein’s death sentence could help some Republicans at the polls tomorrow.

Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama among New York Democrats, and among black Democrats here.

Obama was in Nashville yesterday campaigning for Harold Ford, Jr.

The fight between Rudy Giuliani and John McCain begins right after the polls close tomorrow.

John Sweeney’s lead over Kirsten Gillibrand disappeared after allegations of domestic abuse surfaced recently.

Fred Dicker, who has some suggestions for Eliot Spitzer, says the state Senate race in Westchester will test whether Spitzer has any coat tails.

Republicans here expect to hold onto the state Senate.

The mid-terms elections are a test for Charles Schumer, who said he’s “feeling good, but cautious,” about Democrats taking over.

Spitzer said, “There was no cover-up,” involving the late disclosure of his campaign manager’s arrest for drunk driving late last month.

Alan Hevesi’s fate is in the hands of Democrats, now that George Pataki seems likely to let his successor to deal with the scandal.

Democrats rally around Vito Fossella’s challenger, for a change.

Ben gives out “THE TOM CRUISE EXCELLENCE IN SELF-DESTRUCTION AWARD,” and other coveted accolades.

And the Times tips its hat to the winners of “Best Waste of a Good Debate Performance,” “Best Campaign Event Heckling,” and other notable stand-outs from this campaign season.

— Azi Paybarah
The Morning Read: November 6, 2006