The Morning Read: November 9, 2006

As Hillary Clinton traveled on a statewide thank you tour, she appeared to add a necessary (if highly incremental) adjustment “ to her standard line about just focusing on the current election: “All I’m thinking now is how excited I am that we’ve had a great election for the country and for our state and for our city.”

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is running for president.

New York’s congressional delegation gained some major clout after Tuesday’s election, with Chuck Schumer explaining, “Now when I say to one of my colleagues, New York needs something, or I need something, they’ll be more amenable.”

Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld and Mark Foley all became helpful issues for Democrats.

The president told reporters that Rumsfeld was doing a great job while he was interviewing replacements.

Joe Lieberman will retain his seniority in the Senate, caucusing with Democrats and likely chairing the Homeland Security Committee.

According to an exit poll, more than half of Connecticut voters surveyed didn’t think Ned Lamont had enough experience to be a senator.

Eliot Spitzer faces more questions about what to do with Alan Hevesi.

Jill Gardiner expands on what we said about the six out-of-state candidates Mike Bloomberg and his aides helped elect on Tuesday.

Joe Bruno is the top Republican in the state now, but what he’s inherited are “ashes,” in the words of pollster John Zogby.

Dennis Rivera braced his union members for the hospital closings expected to be announced later this year.

One Democrat on the City Council doesn’t want his salary raised.

And starting next year, the City Council will identify which members received member items in the budget.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: November 9, 2006