The Morning Read: October 3, 2006

Jon Corzine has a lot riding on Bob Menendez.

Glenn Thrush confirms our Choire Sicha’s keen observation last week about Hillary Clinton dropping down to fighting weight.

Patrick Healy says that Hillary is finally having a little fun the campaign trail.

“She chuckles easily at tough questions, and tends to start her answers with the word “well,” which offers an extra half second to collect her thoughts.”

Maggie notes that Hillary told churchgoers that children “want discipline.”

A NewYork1/Newsday poll shows Alan Hevesi ahead of Chris Callaghan by 10 points, which the Daily News calls a “comfortable” lead.

The Times reminds us that choosing a comptroller is, at least theoretically, about more than who drove who’s wife around.

Newsday also says there is time for other events to affect the race.

Ben has more information on the damage control efforts by some Republican operatives in the days before the Mark Foley scandal exploded.

The Times Union endorses Eliot Spitzer for governor.

A Post editorial says scary things about potential Ways and Means chair Charlie Rangel.

The Times looks at how Joe Lieberman’s testy relationship with his party has made him a carefree independent.

New York could get more federal dollars if Democrats take control of the House of Representatives.

Jeanine Pirro campaigned upstate and said she’s “focused.”

And it’s a day late, but, as Spin Cycle pointed out yesterday, we still don’t know who the Journal News meant to endorse for comptroller in this most remarkable editorial. In case you missed it.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: October 3, 2006