The Question

Guess what question Hillary Clinton got first in a Q&A this morning?

“Well,” she said. “That’s alright. You kind of threw me off a little talking about my grandfather coming here in 1881.” Bill Rudin, the event’s MC–who kissed Mrs. Clinton on the cheek three times in two different instances without freaking her out as Andrew Cuomo reportedly had last week–had mentioned that his family and Mrs.
Clinton’s had immigrated around the same time.

Mrs. Clinton said her grandfather, one of eight children, worked in the Scranton mills, made it to foreman, and retired with a gold watch that he always wore. She got a little choked up. Not too much, but it was striking.

And the answer of the day is: “I’m blessed. I am going to think about the future. I have no decision, I have made no plans. I haven’t really even had a time to talk to people. I’m open to thoughts.”

— Choire Sicha

The Question