The Rebirth of Mondello


There is some poetic justice in the ascension of Joseph Mondello, the Nassau County leader to the Republican Party’s state chairman.

Like the state party, critics have written off the Nassau County organization, which Mondello has led for more than 20 years.

From the right:
Former Long Island congressman and outspoken commentator John LeBoutillier wrote in 2005 that, “Mr. Mondello has presided over a recent series of political defeats that have reduced what was once the nation’s most powerful county Republican machine to a pedestrian, run-of-the mill local organization that has trouble even re-electing its own incumbents.”

From the left:
Nassau Nell, a frequent commentator on this site who I suspect is a Democrat, wrote last week that, “Mondello would be a horrible choice. If he was a Democratic mole, sent 25 years ago to destroy the one powerful Nassau County Republican Committee, he could not have done more damage to the party, its committee people or its electeds. Someone should FOIL the Nassau GOP’s books ( both sets) before giving Joe Mondello the State GOP credit card!”

Republican leaders have, needless to say, more kind words for the likely new chairman.

No matter how you slice it, it is pretty amazing that the county chairman who was there when County Executive Tom Gulotta ran the county into the ground, has held on for so long. I’m sure our more informed readers from Nassau County – its not a borough, is it? – will weigh in once Mondello’s position is finalized.

— Azi Paybarah

The Rebirth of Mondello