The White Stripes guy wrote this?

And now for something completely different (but also oddly familiar): Imagine songs by indie-rock gods the White Stripes reimagined as symphonic compositions and performed by a one-off orchestra of 52 classical musicians.

Now imagine this music orchestrated by the brilliant young composer Joby Talbot, who has collaborated with Ute Lemper and done the rock-star thing himself as part of the cult British band The Divine Comedy. The result, a 10-song LP titled Aluminium (out next Monday, 11/13), is unexpectedly smashing: Jack White’s simple blues-based tunes take on a new level of electrifying grandeur when channeled by violinists and cellists and bassoonists and so on.

This is big, bold, cinematic music — from the James Bondian chase-scene dynamics of “Who’s a Big Baby?” to the brassy whimsy of “Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me?” — and we’d be amazed if Hollywood didn’t try to license every last track.

HEAR tracks from Aluminium

BUY Aluminium (click on A2); you can buy the 10-song LP as a single download or buy one of the 3,333 limited-edition CDs with original illustrations (in trademark White Stripes red, black, and white) by artist Rob Jones. The CD ships from the U.K.

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The White Stripes guy wrote <i>this?</i>