Two More Years

The Democratic Senate leadership is going to be announced in a matter of minutes, and it’s likely to be another good day for Chuck Schumer. Schumer told me last week that he would “likely” accept Harry Reid’s request that he stay on as chair of the committee to elect Senate Democrats through 2008.

–Jason Horowitz

UPDATE: It’s done. Schumer is now the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Conference — the third-highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate — and still head of the DSCC.

Here’s part of his statement:

“As a member of the new Democratic leadership, I will have a voice in our policy decisions, our legislative priorities, and the direction of our party. We must make sure the middle class has a strong voice in Washington and there are some very concrete things we can get done for them right away, like restoring the $4,000 college tuition tax credit, and allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices.”

Schumer was also promoted to Chair of the Joint House-Senate Economic Committee (JEC).

Two More Years