Unlikely Pairings at Our Wedding!

ERICA: One of my favorite things about our wedding weekend was seeing all of our friends and family mix, mingle and interact. It was something I didn’t think of at all ahead of time. Our hotel room was a constant buzz of activity, and with my brother’s room next door, our 2 room suite became a 3 room penthouse. Between joint group room service time (when friends and family would come over and we’d order room service for everyone), hanging out at the pool and late night dance parties (thanks to our ipod and ipod speakers that we brought), we had almost as much fun during the off times as we did at the wedding.

By the end of the weekend:

* My brother Ted had seriously bonded with Greg’s best friends Brian and Ayal and both their wives
* My best friend Cara and my sister Robyn were the best of buds after hanging out with me all day during wedding prep
* My Aunt Jane had hit the dance floor with almost every guy in Greg’s Bridal Party
* Table #4 seriously bonded with their waiter Fellman (I thought they kept saying “Feldman” until I saw a few wedding pics and realized that this was not a nice, nebishy Jewish guy they were all talking about).
* Our friend Dave drove my best friend Cara home after the wedding
* Our photographer befriended almost everyone there
* Our band was on a first name basis with virtually ever dancing wedding guest

Some unlikely pairings:

Greg’s Friend Mari with Table #4’s famous waiter Fellman:


My brother Ted with Melissa and Allyson, the wives of Greg’s 2 best friends:


Unlikely Pairings at Our Wedding!