Voting on Faith


Echoing what he said on NY1 News last night, former mayoral candidate Freddy Ferrer told me yesterday that he’s voting for Hevesi “with the full expectation that he will not serve as comptroller. That he’ll be replaced.”

I asked him if that meant Hevesi will resign, or be removed by the state Senate.

“I don’t have any specific expectation in that area,” Ferrer, who is now working lobbyists [fixed], told me. He declined to name a possible replacement.

So a vote for Hevesi is a vote for who, exactly?

“Elections such as this,” Ferrer said, are “a leap of faith. But I have a lot faith in Eliot Spitzer.”

Whether Ferrer is carrying a message for Spitzer, or some higher being, who knows.

— Azi Paybarah

Voting on Faith