Waiting for Spitzer: School Funding

One major challenge facing Eliot Spitzer once Day 1 starts is his promise to settle the 13-year-old the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. The decision calls for billions additional funds be sent to city public schools, but Spitzer has said he wants the city to chip in between 25 to 40%.

The man who led the lawsuit, and now chairs the City Council’s Education Committee thinks 40% is a bit high, but told me supports the governor-to-be’s position.

“I think New York City is going to have to pay a share, but not 40%,” Jackson told me. “If you actually read the court of appeals decision, it doesn’t say who should pay for it.”

“I would wholly support 25%,” Jackson said.

40%. 25%. 0%. It’ll be figured on Day 1.

— Azi Paybarah Waiting for Spitzer: School Funding