Will Twist Arms for Money

It was only after the midterm elections that the real campaigning began.

Below is a letter, dated November 15, from Charlie Rangel and Nita Lowey asking Nancy Pelosi to put Joe Crowley on the influential House Ways and Means Committee.

It’s a position that provides access to business-minded constituents with lots of campaign cash to dole out to committee members. That’s something, to judge by this recommendation, that’s not lost on Rangel and Lowey.

“Joe has hosted events for candidates and Frontline Members in New York and contributed directly $275,000 to the DCCC and raised over $6.75 million in his role as Business Council Chair. Joe will continue to work in the 110th to support our Freshman and continue turning red seats blue.”

The rest of the letter is over here [pdf].

— Azi Paybarah Will Twist Arms for Money