Yonkers: Voting with Difficulty?

The campaign HQ in Yonkers for Andrea Stewart-Cousins–running for State Senate in the 35th District–is reporting they are on the receiving end of all sorts of polling place wackiness today.

“It’s pretty bad,” said Ted Lazarus, campaign spokesman.

One voter report they got was of a fellow dressed as a state trooper–gun and all–who has been touring with Republican poll watchers. This morning, he showed up at Lincoln High School. The trooper claimed to be off-duty, and Department of Justice monitors asked him to leave the site. The trooper showed up at another polling place later in the day.

Around 9:30 this morning, a woman complained that after voting for Stewart-Cousins, her fingers were sticky–and later, that woman’s aunt reported that the lever for Stewart-Cousins was stuck. The campaign says that the DOJ monitors called in a technician, who confirmed glue on the voting machine.

The campaign also reports that a lawyer (and Democrat) confronted a group of men at yet another polling place who were attempting to hand lists of voters to be excluded to poll workers.

“They’ve been trying to do it all over the district,” said Mr. Lazarus.

This is all unconfirmed at the moment. If you have more information, let us know.

–Choire Sicha

Yonkers: Voting with Difficulty?