2008 According to Koch

Here is how the 2008 Democratic and Republican Parties presidential tickets will shape up, according to Ed Koch, who appeared on NY1 last night with Al D’Amato and Carl McCall:

Hillary Clinton, with Barack Obama as her running mate, against John McCain and Rudy Giuliani.

As for why Giuliani would take a backseat to McCain on a national ticket, Koch explained it’s because “he’s young enough to dream” that he could still be president.

D’Amato warned his party not to underestimate such a Democratic ticket — Hillary’s fund-raising, Obama’s charm, etc.

But McCall, it should be noted, poured cold water on the idea, saying who that Clinton would need a Southern Democrat in 2008 — John Edwards? Wes Clark? Bill? — because she and Obama represent similar portions of the Democratic Party.

— Azi Paybarah 2008 According to Koch