After Denny


Speaking of DL21C, I also caught up last night with Dave Pollak, who Eliot Spitzer picked to be the new State Democratic Party co-chair along with upstate county leader June O’Neill.

Pollak describes the heirarchical structure of the DL21C group he founded as “flat” — that is, more reliant on technology and grass roots support than on a heavy-handed leader. Sounding very much in tune with Spitzer’s campaign theme of using technology to improve access to data and create transparency in government, Pollack touted his group as something of a model for a new-and-improved state party.

And in what seemed to be a pretty clear slap at his predecessor, Pollak described the party infrastructure that he’s inheriting as woefully out of date.

“Ninety percent of the counties in New York don’t have web access, don’t have computers and have to pay the state party to get walking lists from the voter files. Forget hierarchy,” he said.

More of our conversation is here
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— Azi Paybarah After Denny