Barrett's Top Ten List for Hevesi

Here’s something that should be a pleasant change for Alan Hevesi from his recent press coverage: it’s Wayne Barrett’s Top Ten reasons not to oust the state comptroller.

1. Hevesi is not a recidivist abuser

2.Hevesi cannot be removed based on speculation about his intent.

3.The commission ignored indications that Hevesi intended to reimburse the state.

4.Removal is inexcusably disproportionate to Hevesi’s wrongdoing.

5. The commission’s findings are politically selective.

6. The two other Pataki-appointed commissioners are as ethically challenged as Shechtman
[NYS Lobbying Commission member]

7. Spitzer isn’t transcending personal and political ties in the war on Hevesi; he’s bowing to them.

8. Singling out Hevesi on the basis of commonplace car abuse would be a hypocritical high.

9. Spitzer is allowing campaign damage control to frame critical government policy.

10. Going forward with a senate trial and replacement will be a colossal mess.

Barrett, no softy on public corruption, argues that it’s not too late for Spitzer to back away from his stance on Hevesi without losing face. Spitzer “could say now that he will await the result of the ongoing grand jury probe by Albany District Attorney David Soares and be bound by it; if no criminal charges are brought, he could conclude that no further action would be necessary.”

— Azi Paybarah Barrett's Top Ten List for Hevesi