By "Vinotherapy," They're Not Talking About Happy Hour

Manhattan’s first retail space formally dedicated to the practice of “vinotherapy” — AKA, wine therapy — has opened in the former Assets London location at 152 Franklin Street

That’s not a euphemism.

Why drink it when you can swim in it?

The wine-glass-chandelier-adorned storefront boutique at Delluva Vinotherapy Day Spa offers an assortment of actual skin-care products containing “grape seed extracts, wine extracts, Wine Phytoalexins and Resveratol,” according to a press release.

In fact, after examining this reporter’s computer-radiation-poisoned face, spa owner (and licensed esthetician) Diane Sydney Hanson highly recommended a $26 tube of South African, Pinotage-enriched hydrating eye gel.

Though you’ll find that, among other oenophile paraphrenalia, in the shop, the spa itself won’t begin treating customers for several more weeks, while the rear of the 2,500-square-foot space is renovated. Once complete, it will feature six therapy suites and a comfy waiting area, where patrons can sip complimentary vino prior to treatment.

The wine will be free, Ms. Hanson explained, as she will not even waste her time with trying to get a liquor license.

– Chris Shott

By "Vinotherapy," They're Not Talking About Happy Hour