Carri&#243n Sort of Explains Walk-Out

The Daily News has more on Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carri&#243n walking out of a television interview last week after a reporter asked if the city Parks Commissioner lied about a running track displaced by construction on the new Yankee Stadium:

“Did I ask him if he lied?” a clearly annoyed Carri&#243n could be heard saying as he stormed off camera, grim-faced. “No, I didn’t ask him if he lied.”

“A reporter asked me to call a colleague of mine – who I respect and have worked well with – a liar,” Carri&#243n said later. “A principled individual doesn’t say that about another individual to satisfy a two-minute news clip on a television station.”

Which is apparently why politicans always walk off the set when reporters bait them?

Matthew Schuerman

Carri&#243n Sort of Explains Walk-Out