Cuomo's TV Debt

I was looking through Andrew Cuomo’s final campaign finance statement from the attorney general race — that’s what politics nerds do in their spare time — and one figure that jumped out at me was the $250,000 that Cuomo still owes for television ads.

It seemed, at least, to show that the Cuomo people were taking Jeanine Pirro more seriously than the media was during the late stages of the campaign. It also seemed to be a big number to have outstanding, given the FCC requirement that candidates pay for their ads as they go in order to prevent media outlets from essentially making in-kind loans to campaigns.

I asked media consultant Joe Mercurio about it and he said it was “a lot of money for media reconciliation.”

Cuomo spokeswoman Wendy Katz emailed this explanation: “There is always a process of an accounting reconciliation for millions of dollars of media time purchased in the final stage of the campaign. Those adjustments await the final disposition.”

Not incidentally, the campaign has $963,477.60 left on hand — more than enough to pay off all their bills, which total $291,811.75.

— Azi Paybarah Cuomo's TV Debt