Elsewhere: Albany Dysfunction, Hevesi, Civil Unions

John Haggerty may have competition for the job of state GOP executive director.

The Brennan Center’s blog says Albany needs elections that matter, not just term limits.

Eliot Spitzer’s nominee to head the Port Authority wants to take a fresh look at Ground Zero and the Freedom Tower.

Alan Hevesi passed up the chance to speak to the Albany grand jury, with his lawyer continuing to say that he did nothing wrong.

Christine Quinn’s 421-a plan could cost Bruce Ratner millions.

Political Wire says Barack Obama sounds like he’s running.

Kos thinks Joe Liberman’s call for more troops in Iraq contradicts what the senator said during the campaign.

Lou Dobbs, the new Ross Perot?

And above is an ad for civil unions.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Albany Dysfunction, Hevesi, Civil Unions