Elsewhere: Chastity

Hillary Clinton is expanding her outreach.

Kos thinks Obama wins if he runs…and unless Al Gore gets into the race.

Huffington Post thinks Obama’s candidacy serves as a lesson for Hillary.

Howard Kurtz sees an anti-Hillary narrative emerging.

Mitt Romney hired a senior communication strategist.

The Sun wonders why the AP slimmed down its story about Mike Bloomberg’s war on trans-fat.

The TWU is holding a mass membership meeting on December 9, their first since the strike.

The Albany County DA’s lead investigator on the Alan Hevesi probe got sacked over some local politics.

Charles Barron is considering a run for Public Advocate, according to Rock Hackshaw.

At a meeting in Manhattan, James Oddo told some people to go back to Queens [link fixed].

Rudy Giuliani is having a fund-raiser.

An above is Dawn Eden of the Daily News discussing the joys of not having sex.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Chastity