Elsewhere: Frontrunning Rudy

Ben introduces us to Joe Bruno’s nemesis.

Bruno owes these unions some Christmas cards.

Michael Barone says it’s time to start calling Rudy a “frontrunner.” (Via Andrew Sullivan.)

The Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats have been giving some money away. Hey, ’tis the season!

Gawker hit the New York Press Club’s holiday party.

Bob Gates: low-talker.

Mike Tomasky takes Jim Baker down a peg. (Caution: long.)

Durham DA drops rape charges against Duke lax players on the Friday afternoon before Christmas, when no one will notice. Classy move, Nifong!

You might want to cancel that trip to London.

Chicago Tribune columnist viciously attacks Barack Obama: “He’s a decent fellow and I like him. He might make a fine liberal president someday. … What’s irritating is the relentless media fawning and hype.” Don’t let the righties bring you down, B.O.!

Andrew Rice

Elsewhere: Frontrunning Rudy