Elsewhere: Hillary Hires, City Hall Portrait


Hillary Clinton reportedly hired Mike Henry, who served as field coordinator for Gov. Mark Warner in 2001 and managed a senate race in Florida.

Hotline looks at the operatives who are free agents now that Evan Bayh has dropped out.

Andrew Cuomo is already the state’s attorney general, according to this site.

The host of Inside Albany will retire on December 31.

Joe Bruno wants to start the selection process over again for picking a new franchise to run horse racing in the state.

An Assemblyman responded to The Albany Project’s emails about reform with snail mail.

Rock Hackshaw wonders if the Clarkes can pick their successor for City Council.

Is incumbency protection organized crime?

Hillary caused a stir when she appeared at Hunter College.

Kos has a a list of rules“primary campaign blog disclosure” just in time for the run-up to 2008.

And above is a painting in City Hall of Henry Clay (1777-1852) that looks oddly like someone currently in City Hall.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary Hires, City Hall Portrait