Elsewhere: Hillary's Choice


Hillary Clinton acknowledged she’s thinking about running but said she won’t decide until after January 1.

George Pataki’s pick for a job on the Public Service Commission, Nick Spano, doesn’t want it.

Eliot Spitzer will not use his family fortune to fund future campaigns.

Ben notes that the mayor didn’t put a meeting he had with John McCain on his public schedule.

Chuck Bennett is curious about TWU’s mass membership meeting.

The new state GOP chairman met major donors at the 101 Club in Manhattan and has been busy canceling consulting contracts.

Rick Santorum may go to work at Fox.

Giuliani Blogger has an interesting poll.

Mole333 reminisces fondly about Major Owens.

Gatemouth looks ahead at Spitzer’s first day in office, and offers some advice.

And above is the flag outside City Hall, which flew at half mast today in tribute to the city sanitation worker who died over the weekend after being tossed from his truck.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary's Choice