Elsewhere: Just What the World Needs–Another Blogger

Sheldon Silver gave the Atlantic Yards project the go-ahead.

Chris Owens, son of Major and a major foe of the Atlantic Yards, debuts his new blog, “Power from Truth.” Coincidence?

John McCain hired another old Bush hand, Steve Schmidt. Schmidt also managed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reelection bid.

Hillary did “The View.” Sorry, no YouTube yet.

Joe Lieberman quit Olympia Snowe’s Senate Centrist Coalition, choosing to start his own bipartisan group with the considerably more conservative Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander. Josh Marshall is confused.

TNR’s Conor Clarke says the story of Barack Obama’s land deal really isn’t about impropriety, or the appearance of impropriety, but rather the appearance of the appearance of impropriety. In other words, there’s nothin’ there.

Jacob Weisberg says that just because you have a problem with Mitt Romney’s religion, it doesn’t mean you’re a bigot.

Azi’s curious why he got this email Christmas card from former presidential candidate Mark Warner. Hasn’t anyone told him he quit?

You don’t say… Remaining abstinent before marriage is “extremely challenging,” according to the Washington Post. (via TNR’s The Plank.)

Andrew Rice Elsewhere: Just What the World Needs–Another Blogger