Elsewhere: Republicans, City Hall


No Republicans met with Eliot Spitzer in DC today.

No Republicans have been asked to help Andrew Cuomo.

Joe Bruno gave $500,000 to a firm under investigation for giving him free air travel.

There’s an easy-to-search spreadsheet of Assembly pork. (A couple of small, fun examples: $3,000 to publish a newsletter from the Department of Criminal Justice [line 603] and $55,000 to publish The Bushwick Observer [line 465].)

Al Gore has a well-timed book coming out.

Hillary tops a Gallup poll of Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. (Note the absence of George Pataki and Mike Bloomberg from the list).

Karol wonders why some people seem doubtful about the propect of the 2008 front-runners actually winning.

Daily Gotham wonders if the Atlantic Yards Project raises terrorism concerns.

There may be an interesting City Council race in Staten Island.

And above is a picture of City Hall in bloom.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Republicans, City Hall