Elsewhere: Senate in the Balance, Rudy Hires

Senator Tim Johnson has been hospitalized after having a stroke, placing the Democratic takeover of the Senate in jeopardy.

Rudy Giuliani hired RNC political director Mike DuHaime.

Adam Nagourney said DuHaime should silence questions about how serious his presidential bid is.

John McCain’s finance committee is starting to take shape.

Here’s a new Draft Obama ad that will start running in New Hampshire.

A college Republican club in Massachusetts that already endorsed McCain for president got an earful from a Mitt Romney supporter.

The architect of Eliot Spitzer’s investigations of Wall Street may be the state’s new superintendent of insurance .

Greg Sargent says the last line in the Times editorial today means they’re calling for troop withdrawal from Iraq.

A former CNN news division chief is launching an all-Iraq news site next week.

Before referring questions to his lawyer, the twice-indicted state Senator from the Bronx, Efrain Gonzalez, Jr., said he’s innocent.

New addition to the city comptroller’s race in 2009: Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr., according to Crain’s.[subscription]

Chuck Bennett has an early look at the Transport Workers Union vote for union president, which closes on Friday.

And Yoda wonders about another, less-covered Albany scandal.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Senate in the Balance, Rudy Hires